Install Puppy Linux on USB using the CD

Puppy Linux on USB: In this USB Puppy Linux tutorial we illustrate how to easily Create a Puppy Linux USB Flash Drive using the Universal installer included on the CD. Puppy is a unique Linux compilation created by Barry Kauler in 2003. This super small distribution contains many useful tools and utilities while remaining tiny.

Early versions of Puppy Linux would even fit on a USB stick as small as 256 MB. Which makes it great to install to those older thumb drives you might still have sitting around.

Puppy Linux on USB

Puppy Linux Screenshot

  • Distribution Home Page:
  • Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 128MB
  • Persistent Feature: Yes

Essentials to create a Portable Puppy Flash Drive

  • 256 MB or larger USB Stick
  • PC with a CD reader/burner
  • Puppy ISO and a blank CD

USB Puppy Linux Flash Drive Installation

Puppy Linux contains its own Universal Installer so installation is fairly straightforward.

  1. Download Puppy linux ISO and burn the ISO to CD.
  2. Start your computer via the Puppy CD.
  3. Once Puppy has loaded, from the Taskbar, Click: Start > Setup > Puppy universal installer.
    Puppy Linux USB Install
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions which will walk you through the Puppy USB installation process.
  5. When finished with the Puppy USB install, reboot your PC and go into system BIOS to change your boot order to boot from the USB device.
  6. Save your settings and reboot your PC to enjoy running Puppy Linux from USB.