Knoppix Boot Options

KNOPPIX Boot Options or cheat codes; Here is a comprehensive list of available Knoppix boot command options. Cheat codes, also known as boot codes enable you to modify the boot parameters and are used to pass booting options to KNOPPIX. This can often help get a computer booting and running stable on even the most difficult hardware.

KNOPPIX Boot Options and their Purpose

Knoppix Boot Codes

KNOPPIX Cheat Codes example: knoppix lang=en desktop=gnome

Any of the KNOPPIX boot options, cheat codes or boot command parameters from the following list, can be combined to work from the boot prompt.

Knoppix Boot Option Boot Option Function
knoppix lang=ch|cn|de|da|es|fr|it|nl|pl|ru|sk|tr|tw|us Specify language
knoppix keyboard=us xkeyboard=us Specify keyboard
adriane Start blind-friendly, talking desktop
debug Debug boot process step-by-step
expert Interactive setup for experts
knoppix Knoppix with 32-bit Kernel
knoppix64 Knoppix with 64-bit Kernel
knoppix 2 Runlevel 2, Text mode only
knoppix init=/bin/bash Start bash as process 1 instead of init
knoppix utc Use Universal Time
knoppix tz=Europe/Berlin Use this timezone for TZ (default: tz=localtime)
knoppix ide1=reset Try this if Knoppix can't find the CD/DVD drive on old computers
knoppix no{apic,lapic,acpi,apm} Skip parts of HW-detection (1)
knoppix no{hwsetup,udev,dhcp,fstab} Skip parts of HW-detection (2)
knoppix no{pcmcia,sound,swap} Skip parts of HW-detection (3)
knoppix nousb Skip parts of HW-detection (4)
knoppix nolapic Disable local APIC (differs from noapic)
knoppix noideraid Disable IDE-Raiddisk detection
knoppix pnpbios=off No PnP Bios initialization
knoppix acpi=off Disable ACPI Bios completely
knoppix acpi=noirq Disable ACPI IRQ routing only
knoppix acpi=force FORCE ACPI Bios initialization
knoppix noacpid Do not start ACPI event daemon
failsafe Boot with (almost) no HW-detection
knoppix pci=irqmask=0x0e98 Try this if PS/2 mouse doesn't work *