Linux Kernel Boot Parameters

Linux Kernel Boot Parameters and System Cheat Codes

Ubuntu Cheat Codes | Startup Parameters

ubuntu cheat codes - boot parametersUbuntu Cheat Codes, boot options and kernel parameters to help you boot Ubuntu from a USB flash drive on different machines. To append cheat codes during bootup, press the ESC key if you are booting from Syslinux or press E to edit, if booting from GRUB.

SLAX Cheat Codes | Boot Parameters

SLAX Cheat CodesSLAX Cheat codes; Booting parameters or boot codes are used to manipulate the startup booting process of Linux. Some of them are common for all Linux versions, others are specific to SLAX only.

PCLinuxOS Boot Parameters

PCLinuxOS Boot Parameters and cheat codes; These cheat or boot codes allow you to override PCLinuxOS defaults by modifying the boot process to suite your specific needs. These codes can be used on their own as specified on the syslinux initial boot command line or can be combined with more than one boot code option listed below.

Knoppix Boot Options

Knoppix Boot CodesKNOPPIX Boot Options or cheat codes; Here is a comprehensive list of available Knoppix boot command options. Cheat codes, also known as boot codes enable you to modify the boot parameters and are used to pass booting options to KNOPPIX.