Convert Fat32 to NTFS without losing Data

How to Convert Fat32 to NTFS without encountering data loss. It is possible to Convert from a Fat32 filesystem to NTFS without losing data or reformatting. Due to the 4GB file size limitation imposed upon Fat32 formatted partitions. It is very likely that you will find yourself in this situation at some point in time.

NTFS filesystem conversion can be convenient in situations where it becomes necessary to store files larger than 4GB on the drive. But you would rather not reformat a partition because it contains data you do not want to lose or backup.

Converting from Fat32 to NTFS without losing Data

1. From the Windows Desktop; "Type here to search box",
1.) Type cmd.exe 2.) Then choose Run as Administrator.
open command prompt as admin

2. First you will need to check the disk for errors. To do this, type the following from the Command Line. (replacing X with your actual drive letter)

chkdsk X: /f

3. Then to actually convert the Fat32 partition to an NTFS filesystem, type

convert X: /fs:ntfs

If the process of converting the file system was successful, the Command Window should now say Conversion complete. That is all there is to it!

Convert Fat32 to NTFS

To test this NTFS filesystem conversion method, I used a YUMI Legacy prepared Multiboot USB flash drive. It was previously formatted as Fat32. Since YUMI Legacy supports both Fat32 and NTFS formatted partitions, this made for a real simple way for me to confirm that this conversion process successfully works.

Note: After performing this procedure, I did have to rebuild the YUMI syslinux bootloader. Which is likely due to all of the filesystem changes that took place. You can read more about rebuilding the syslinux bootloader by visiting the YUMI FAQ section.

This concludes the simple process to Convert Fat32 to NTFS.