Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi)

Linux Live USB Creator (aka LiLi) is another nice tool you can use to install various Linux compilations, versions and distributions to a USB flash drive. The end result is a Bootable Live USB (with persistence as well in some cases). Similar to Unetbootin, LiLi USB creator formerly known as uSbuntu Live creator, can help you quickly make a Linux Bootable USB flash drive from a source Image, ISO, or CD. The tool can also download the IMG or ISO file for you.

But this boot tool doesn't stop there. You can also use LiLi USB creator to install a Portable VirtualBox on your USB drive. Allowing you to boot your Portable Linux installation emulated from inside of Windows.

Choose to boot directly from your flash drive natively, assuming the computer supports booting from USB. Or alternately from a running Windows environment by running a portable Virtualbox from USB.

LiLi Live Linux USB Creator

Linux Live USB Creator

LiLi USB Creator, or LinuxLive USB Creator, is a tool designed for creating bootable USB drives to run various Linux distributions. Here's a summary of its main features:

  • Simple Bootable USB Creation: Allows users to create bootable USB drives for various Linux distributions, enabling users to run Linux directly from the USB drive without installing it on their computer.
  • Simple USB Creation User Interface: The software features an intuitive and easy to use user interface, making it accessible for all types of users.
  • Extensive Linux Distribution Support: It supports a wide range of Linux distributions, allowing users to choose and download their preferred distribution directly from the application.
  • Linux Persistence Support: Supports persistence where available, allowing users to save changes and data on the USB drive even after a reboot. This is useful for creating portable and customizable Linux environments.
  • Automatic Distribution Downloading: The tool can automatically download the selected Linux distribution, saving users the trouble of finding and downloading separately.
  • Linux ISO Checksum Verification: Perhaps one of this utilities most unique features is the inclusion of a feature for verifying the integrity of the downloaded Linux distribution using checksums, ensuring the authenticity of the files.

Additional LiLi Specifications and Details

  • Official Website: Project Page
  • Developer: Created by Thibaut Lauzière
  • Release Date: LinuxLive USB Creator, was first released in 2008. Development stopped sometime in 2013.

It is important to note that though this tool might still work in many case, it is no longer under active development. The author has move on to other things. However, you can still use more modern and updated multibooting tools such as YUMI or Universal USB Installer to make a Linux bootable USB

How to install and use Linux Live USB Creator

  1. Download LiLi USB Creator and then extract the zip to your PC.
  2. Run LiLi USB Creator.exe from its extrected folder.
  3. Simply follow Steps 1 - 5 from the menu, optionally choosing persistence.
  4. Then, click the "Lightning Icon" to finally make your bootable USB.

Once the process completes, you should have a portable Linux distribution you can carry with you in your pocket. The resulting Linux bootable USB should run from any PC that supports booting from a USB device.