Create a Bitdefender Rescue USB

How to create a Bitdefender Rescue USB flash drive. Bitdefender Rescue CD is a free bootable Antivirus scanner that is based on Knoppix Linux and Gentoo Linux core Operating System. It can be used if you suspect a malware threat is affecting a computer. It works as a stand alone boot tool and can independently scan a computer for viruses, removing any threats it finds, if necessary.

Bitdefender Rescue CD run from USB

In the following section, I show you one way to quickly create a bootable Bitdefender Rescue USB from within Windows by using the Universal USB Installer.
Bitdefender Rescue CD - running from USB

What is BitDefender Rescue CD?

Bitdefender Rescue CD is a bootable antivirus and recovery tool that was provided by Bitdefender, a well known cybersecurity company. It was originally created to help users remove malware and rescue compromised computers from various types of infections, including viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Its most notable features include:

  • A Bootable Rescue Environment: Distributed as an ISO image file that can be burned to a CD or copied to a bootable USB drive. You can then boot your computer from this CD or USB drive to access a clean, isolated environment for virus scanning and malware removal.
  • Offline System Scanning: It allows you to perform offline scans of your computer's hard drive. This means it can detect and remove malware that might be difficult to eliminate when the operating system is running.
  • Comprehensive Threat Scanning: Includes a fully functional antivirus engine including virus definitions, ensuring that it can detect a wide range of threats, including viruses, rootkits, Trojans, and more.
  • Data Recovery from Infections: In addition to malware removal, it includes tools for data recovery and backup, helping you recover important files that may have been compromised or lost due to malware infections.

It is important to note that this tool is for use on already compromised computer systems. It doesn't work as a preventative, so to prevent potential future infections, ensure your computer has some sort of live antivirus security software installed that is routinely kept up to date. I recommend and personally use "ESET Smart Security" for this purpose.

Bitdefender Rescue CD Specifications

Distribution Home Page: Project Page
Flash Drive: 1GB+ USB flash drive
Persistent Feature: No

Essentials to Make a Rescue USB

  • A PC that can boot from USB
  • Windows Operating Environment
  • BitDefenderRescueCD_###.iso
  • USB flash pen drive
  • Universal USB Installer (does the USB Boot conversion)

How to create a Bitdefender Rescue USB

Before getting started, I should mention that this stand alone bootable rescue tool was replaced by the BitDefender Rescue Environment. This section is left in place for those who still have a copy to try. A link to the archived ISO file is also being made available.

To create a "Bitdefender Rescue USB" from the bootable ISO file:

  1. Download Bitdefender RescueCD ISO
  2. Grab and launch the USB Installer
  3. Select the "Try Unlisted ISO" option and follow the remaining onscreen instructions.
  4. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot.

If all went well, you should be booting from your very own bootable Rescue USB.