Saving changes – Persistence

How to use a persistent image to save your settings and changes

KNOPPIX Persistent - Saving settings to USB

Knoppix Persistent USBKnoppix Persistent USB; Once you have successfully booted from your Knoppix USB flash drive, you might find that there are changes you would like to make and settings you need to adjust. After getting everything the way you want it, you will need to save your changed settings back to the stick and have them automatically applied at boot.

OLD PCLinuxOS MiniMe Setting up a persistent home

step 10This tutorial will show you how to use a persistent home from within PCLinuxOS MiniMe on a USB stick. A persistent home should allow you to save your settings and changes to the USB stick so that they may easily be restored upon subsequent reboots.

SLAX Save Changes & Restore Changes

SLAX Save Changes & Restore Changes; Once you have accomplished a successful boot of SLAX Linux and have begun to make changes and customizations to the SLAX environment, you might wish to save those configuration settings back to the USB stick. This will allow you to restore those changes upon next reboot.