SLAX Save Changes & Restore Changes

SLAX Save Changes & Restore Changes; Once you have accomplished a successful boot of SLAX Linux and have begun to make changes and customizations to the SLAX environment, you might wish to save those configuration settings back to the USB stick. This will allow you to restore those changes upon next reboot.

How to make SLAX Save Changes

To save your settings, you need to open a terminal and run the "configsave" command with one argument - the storage location.

For example, type configsave /mnt/sda1/ to save your configs in USB flash drive into file. It will save all changed files from /root, /etc, /home and /var directories.

Note that that network settings (assigned IP address, etc) won't be saved because they are not kept in any file. If you wish to save network settings then add appropriate commands to /etc/rc.d/rc.local. This file will be saved/restored, and it's executed automatically (so your network settings will be set up).

Making SLAX Restore Changes

To restore your previously saved backup, use "configrestore" command. You can also save settings to the root directory of your existing disk partition (for example to /mnt/hda1/ All settings found in the root folder of any of your disk partitions ( under the name will be restored automatically when SLAX boots.