OLD PCLinuxOS MiniMe Setting up a persistent home

This tutorial will show you how to use a persistent home from within PCLinuxOS MiniMe on a USB stick. A persistent home should allow you to save your settings and changes to the USB stick so that they may easily be restored upon subsequent reboots. Please note that this tutorial will only work on the older releases of PCLinuxOS (releases previous to this post date 03/09/06).

Here is the step by step tutorial:

1.) First, boot into PCLinuxOS from your USB stick, logging in to an existing user account other than root (I.E. Guest)

2.) Once your logged in, click on the PCLinuxOS start menu icon and browse to configuration, then Kusbhome.

Start -> configuration -> Kusbhome

PCLOS Persistent

3.) Click Kusbhome. Then enter your password when prompted.

PCLOS Persistent Screenshot2

You should now see the USBKey Setup utility pictured below:

Persistent Step 3

4.) Click Next

PCLOS Persistent Step 4

5.) Read through the welcome menu if you'd like....then click Next

Step 5

6.) Now select the USB device you would like to store your saved settings to. Then click Next

Step 6

7.) Set the size of your persistent home folder and click Next

The setup utility will now create the persistent home folder. When it's finished, you should see a success message in the setup window similar to the picture below.

Step 8

8.) Click Next

Step 9

9.) Select the option to start using persistent home now and click Next

Step 10

10.) Note the instructions to properly log out and log back in to start using the persistent home and click Next

Once you have logged out and back in, your settings and changes have been saved. Now everytime you make changes, the settings will automagically be saved and restored upon boot.