CoLinux Portable Ubuntu for Windows

Portable Ubuntu Remix for Windows (Pubuntu) is a project headed by Claudio Cacsar Sa¡nchez Tejeda. It uses CoLinux (Cooperative Linux) to enable a user to run Ubuntu on top of Windows. CoLinux, a port of the Linux Kernel, is an open source virtual machine that works much like Qemu, but most claim it is much faster. And finally, Ubuntu is a fork of Debian, and a product of Canonical Ltd.

CoLinux Portable Ubuntu Remix

Running Linux on top of, within, or alongside Windows. Notice the top edge Ubuntu panel or taskbar in the screenshot below.

CoLinux Portable Ubuntu

Distribution Website: Project Home Page
Developer: Claudio Cacsar Sa¡nchez Tejeda
Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 2GB
Persistent Feature: Yes

Portable Ubuntu Remix is a distribution of the Ubuntu operating system that is designed to be run as a portable application, allowing users to run a full Linux environment within Windows without the need for dual booting. It provides a way to utilize Linux tools and software on a Windows system without performing an extensive install.

Key features of Portable Ubuntu Remix

  • Ubuntu Portability: As the name suggests, one of the main features is portability. You can run Ubuntu and its applications on a Windows system without installing it or modifying your system files.
  • Stand Alone Executable: Comes packaged as a single stand alone executable file, making it easy to download, store, and run.
  • Integration with Windows: The Linux environment runs within a window on the Windows desktop, allowing for seamless integration between the two systems. You can interact with Linux applications as if they were native Windows applications.
  • Preinstalled Software: Offers a set of preinstalled Linux software and tools, allowing users to use Linux applications inside of Windows.
  • Ease of Use: It is designed to be user friendly, with a straightforward setup process and a familiar Linux environment for those who are already accustomed to Ubuntu.
  • Data Persistence: Your data and settings should be saved between sessions, allowing you to continue your work without losing progress.
  • Networking: Networking and internet access is provided through link communication between the host Windows system and the Linux environment.
  • Limited Resource Consumption: Portable Ubuntu Remix is intended to be lightweight and not very resource intensive, making it suitable for running alongside a variety of Windows systems.
  • Linux Development and Testing: It can be used for software development, testing, and experimenting with Linux tools and software without the need to set up a separate machine or virtual machine.
  • Open Source: It is open source, which means you can modify and distribute it in accordance with the associated licenses.

Ubuntu on Windows Prerequisites

Create a Portable Ubuntu USB flash drive

The following covers how to install and run Ubuntu alongside Windows, directly from a USB flash drive or other external device. Allowing you to share your Windows desktop with Linux. Here's how to make Ubuntu CoLinux portable:

  1. Download Portable Ubuntu Remix.
  2. Insert a USB flash drive into your computer.
  3. Run Portable_Ubuntu.exe extracting its contents to your USB device.
  4. Click run_portable_ubuntu.bat from the Portable_Ubuntu folder on your USB device to launch Ubuntu.

If all went well, you should now see a top edge panel taskbar which you can use to run your Ubuntu applications from within Windows. Essentially allowing you to run Ubuntu alongside Windows.

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