Create a Bootable USB Ophcrack in Windows

Create a Bootable USB Ophcrack from Windows. Ophcrack is an open source Windows password recovery utility that uses rainbow tables to find passwords. It can be run from Windows, Linux or Live CD. The following tutorial explains how to install and boot Ophcrack from a portable USB device.

Bootable USB Ophcrack

Ophcrack Bootable USB Creation using Windows

  • Distribution Home Page: Ophcrack Home Page
  • Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 512MB
  • Persistent Feature: No (Doesn't need to be)

Since the Live CD version (running from a SLAX now  SliTaz core) is already available, creating USB Ophcrack is similar to converting any other Live Linux CD to USB and they even offer their own tazusb.exe installer.

Essentials to create USB Ophcrack

  • Windows Computer
  • 512 MB or larger thumb drive (USB stick)
  • Ophcrack XP or Vista Live CD
  • The tazusb.exe tool

Creating bootable USB Ophcrack

Note: Use our updated Ophcrack Bootable USB creation tutorial instead. It explains how to add all of the Windows Tables to your Ophcrack install, so you will only need one Flash Drive installation to recover Windows XP , Vista or 7 passwords.

  1. Download Ophcrack ISO file
  2. Insert your USB flash drive
  3. Download tazusb and run the tazusb.exe then follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Once the tool has finished:
    (1.) Reboot your PC and during system post enter BIOS.
    (2.) Set your BIOS boot menu to boot from the USB device.
    (3.) Proceed to boot into Ophcrack on USB.

If all goes well, you should be booting from the USB stick into a mini SLAX environment. Ophcrack is launched automatically after boot.