Create a USB Bootable Runt Linux from Windows

Creating a USB Bootable RUNT Linux; This walk through illustrates how to install, boot, and run RUNT Linux from a USB flash drive. RUNT is a super super tiny and very basic Linux distro. It is recommended for intermediate to advanced users who prefer to do work without using a graphical interface like X. Beware that by default it does not feature a GUI, it uses a text only based interface.


Runt Linux on USB

Distribution Home Page:
Persistent Feature: Unknown
What you'll need:

  • USB Flash Pen Drive
  • Runt Linux
  • A running Windows 11/10/8 Operating Environment (to perform the install)
  • Universal USB Installer

How to create a RUNT Bootable USB Flash Drive using UUI

  1. Download and launch the Universal USB Installer
  2. 1.) Select Runt Linux from the drop down.
    2.) Browse to your .zip file.
    3.) Select your Flash Drive.
    4.) Click Create.
    RUNT Linux on USB using UUI
  3. Once the Installation has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot.

Save your BIOS settings. On the next reboot, you should have a successful launch of RUNT Linux.

Login name for RUNT: Root
Pass: No password set by default

Use the runthelp or diskhelp commands to get started using RUNT. I plan to revisit to explain how to add a GUI login and other modules to this distro at a later point in time.

Notes: If you need to create a boot floppy (no USB boot option in BIOS), run mkfloppy.bat from the runtutil directory.