The following SLAX USB Boot CD can be used to boot SLAX from a USB device on computers using a system bios that does not natively support booting from USB. It could also be used to boot SLAX Linux from a flash drive on an intel based Apple Mac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro that uses EFI instead of a bios. This USB Boot CD was created by Tomas M (the creator of SLAX).

SLAX USB Boot CD Screenshot


Creating and using the SLAX USB Boot CD

  1. Download the SLAX Boot USB from CD ISO file
  2. Burn the ISO to a CD using your favorite CD/DVD creation software
  3. Insert the Boot CD and your prepared SLAX USB Flash Drive into your computer and reboot, booting from the CD

If all goes well, the CD should boot up, install the necessary drivers for USB and then proceed to boot the SLAX file system from your USB Flash Drive.