Install MCNLive Toronto to a Flash Drive in Windows

The following tutorial covers one way to easily install MCNLive Toronto to a USB flash pen drive in just a few steps from within Windows. By using this tutorial, you don't need to burn the ISO to a CD and then run the USB installer from Linux. Instead, our Universal USB installer is used to quickly create the MCNLive USB flash drive for you from Windows. In addition, the second part of this tutorial explains how to make MCNLive save your changes back to a persistent mcnlive.loop file.

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MCNLive Toronto Screenshot

Basic Essentials to Install MCNLive on USB from Windows:

  • MCNLive Toronto ISO
  • Universal USB Installer
  • USB flash drive
  • Windows host PC to perform the build

How to easily install MCNLive to a USB flash drive

  1. Download the MCNLive ISO
  2. Download and run the Universal USB Installer, then select the "MCNLive Toronto" from the drop down, and follow the remaining onscreen instructions.
  3. Reboot your PC and select the USB device from your boot menu or system BIOS and proceed to boot MCNLive from your USB device.

Making a mcnlive.loop file for saving your changes (persistence):

  1. Boot from your USB device using the Boot with default settings option.
  2. From the MCNLive start menu, navigate to MCNLive-> Create persistent loop
  3. Follow the simple onscreen instructions for creating the persistent loop.
  4. Restart, and select the Boot with persistent changes boot option.