Old USB installs from Linux/CD

Old Flash Drive Linux installation tutorials using Linux or CD

Live USB KNOPPIX Bootable Flash Drive

knoppix running from usbUSB Knoppix Bootable flash drive creation. The following tutorial will show you how to Install Knoppix to a USB flash thumb drive using the Live CD.

Pendrivelinux V1 install to a portable USB hard drive

The following tutorial will show you how to install Pendrivelinux V1 Full Blown (non compressed) to an external USB Hard Drive (Rotating Platter, not a USB flash drive or flash memory stick) via Pendrivelinux V1. To do this, we create an ext2 partition on the USB Hard Drive.

USB Ubuntu Install from Linux

USB Ubuntu Install from Linux; Install Ubuntu to a flash drive from a Live Linux CD This tutorial enables you to install, boot and run Ubuntu Linux from USB. When booting in persistent mode, it uses a second "casper-rw" partition.

PCLinuxOS MiniMe USB Flash Drive from CD

This tutorial covers the process of making a PCLinuxOS MiniMe USB flash thumb drive from within a Linux operating environment (using the Live CD). PCLinuxOS ranks as my second favorite distro, trailing just behind Ubuntu.

USB Xubuntu 8.04 install from Linux

USB Xubuntu persistent Install from Linux; This tutorial covers the process of installing Xubuntu 8.04 to a USB flash drive from within a running (Ubuntu) Linux environment.

Make your own portable Mandriva Flash

The following tutorial covers the process of creating or making your own Mandriva Flash drive. If you already have a USB flash drive, why not put it to use?