Install YlmF OS to a Flash Drive from Windows

YlmF OS is a Windows like Linux Operating System based on Ubuntu. It has been themed by its creator to look just like Windows and at first glance it is hard to tell the difference (but it does use unique images and icons). In the following tutorial, we show you how we created a Live YlmF USB Flash Drive from Windows using our third party Universal USB Installer. Upon completion, you should be able to run YlmF OS from your USB device, saving changes persistently on subsequent boots.

USB Bootable YlmF OS

YlmF OS Desktop Screenshot

Distribution Home Page: (Discontinued)

Persistent Feature: Yes

Bootable USB Flash Drive Creation Essentials

  • Windows PC to perform conversion
  • YlmF_OS*.iso
  • 2GB or larger USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)
  • Universal USB Installer (does the conversion)

YlmF OS Live USB Flash Drive Creation

  1. Download and then launch the Universal USB Installer
  2. Select YlmF OS and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and then set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device. Save your changes and then reboot.

If all went well, you should finally be booting from your Live YlmF USB that allows you to save most of your changes persistently.

Default username and password for YlmF OS

Username: ylmfos
Password: (Just press Enter) there is no password set by default